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Activities for Schools Groups

Path Hill Outdoors provides a comprehensive range of activities and adventures aimed at school children introducing them to the marvels and challenges of the great outdoors. We work with young people from 2 to 20 years old. 

Alternatives to the Classroom

We work with students who find the classroom environment a challenge and also those educated outside of school including children with Autistic Spectrum and Anxiety Disorders.

Voluntary & Community Groups

We work with a range of community groups providing a place for outdoor activities, respite and reflective work.  We can organise days away, residential camps and training for staff. 

Adventure for all

Multi-activity centre

We provide a distinctive learning environment that inspires, motivates and gives hope to our students. Within this setting we offer your organisation a range of powerful and effective training days and expeditions to foster teamwork and responsiveness to change.


Adventure At home and away

We provide adventure and expeditions for young and for adults. Based at our own extensive site, we also provide challenging expeditions to the great outdoors.


Inspiration Explore the outdoors

Explore the great outdoors. Path Hill Outdoors offer a year-round programme of adventure, teambuilding and challenges.


Learning Activity based enhancement

Removing oneself from the humdrum of everyday life, Path Hill Outdoors offers the opportunity to learn skills and experience the challenges of outdoor survival.