Path Hill Outdoors and the Covid-19 Outbreak (see below)



Update from Path Hill Outdoors on Covid-19 outbreak

Path Hill has been open for school day visits and residentials since June. We have continued our one to one student and small group programmes throughout the pandemic.
Unfortunately, Covid has not gone away so we are continuing to limit access to our buildings, basing all our teaching outdoors and maintaining social distancing and additional hygiene measures to minimise the chance of spreading this virus.  

Please be aware that all our provision is subject to staff availability and that this can change on a daily-basis.  Our staff have been asked to self-isolate  and take lateral flow tests if they show any symptoms of Coronavirus or have been in contact with anyone who has shown these symptoms. We would ask that parents and carers keep their child at home if they show symptoms of Coronavirus. 
Our new working practices have been updated and can be found here. 
Path Hill Outdoors will continue to assess the situation on a weekly basis and take all current and new guidance into account.

Thank you for your continued support and we wish you all well.

Painted by Tyler 

Activities for Schools

Path Hill Outdoors provides a comprehensive range of activities and adventures aimed at school children. It introduces them to the marvels and challenges of the great outdoors. We work with young people from 2 to 20 years old. 

Alternatives to the Classroom

Our team is skilled in working with young people who find the classroom environment a challenge. We find our outdoor environment is particularly beneficial to children on the Autistic Spectrum, those who are living with trauma and those with Anxiety Disorders.

Voluntary & Community Groups

We work with a range of community groups providing a place for outdoor activities, respite and reflective work.  We can organise days away, residential camps and training for staff. 

Adventure At home and away

We provide adventure and expeditions for young people and for adults. Most of our activities are based at our own extensive site but we also provide challenging expeditions to the great outdoors.

Inspiration Explore the outdoors

Explore the great outdoors. Path Hill Outdoors offers a year-round programme of adventure, discovery and challenges.

Learning Activity based enhancement

Removing oneself from the humdrum of everyday life, Path Hill Outdoors provides the opportunity to learn skills and experience the wonder of the outdoors.

 Path Hill Adventures 

Our fun, exciting days out for children during school holidays (Wild Days) and our popular pre-school group that runs on a Friday (Little Ducklings) can now be booked through the Path Hill Adventures website. We intend to offer so much more We are planning a range of outdoor courses suitable for adults and families. Some of these courses will be based at our beautiful woodland site in the Chilterns, others will be based further afield. We hope we can provide something for everyone with courses lasting a day, an evening or a weekend.

We will be publishing a full 2022 calendar in January