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Path Hill Outdoors is a not for profit company specialising in using the outdoor environment to provide positive experiences and personal growth for young people and adults.  
We do this by:
  • Designing bespoke programs based on individual needs.
  • Reconnecting young people to being outdoors.
  • Engaging young people in positive and realistic learning experiences.
  • Working in partnership with families, schools and relevant agencies
We work with:
  • Students who find mainstream education settings challenging 
  •  Primary and secondary schools – enhancing and developing their curriculum 
  •  Community groups, organisations and charities
  •  Families with camps and expeditions and courses for adults
  • Businesses and organisations for corporate days
We work with students from all settings and at all key stages.

Our Team

At Path Hill we have a great team of highly skilled educators, teachers,outdoor professionals and bushcraft specialists.

We are passionate about the work we do and join forces to ensure that our passions are translated into our day to day work with young people.

Our curriculums and activities are all bespoke and we match staff to students, to activities and to curriculum aims to ensure that whateveryou are doing at Path Hill we have the person for the job.

Our staff live and breathe the outdoors so whether it is paddling on white water, caving or climbing, whether it is environmental education, water conservation and badger cameras, from art installations to poetic rap, from leadership styles to pastoral care and from game stew to wide games we have a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience with which we engage young people.

You can talk to any of our staff and get a sense of what we are about: time and again school leaders and staff tell us how good our people are: ‘The real thanks goes to you and your team for their outstanding leadership on this trip’.

Here is a snapshot of some of our staff.