Curriculum Days

Our themed learning days are particularly suited to primary schools and offer cross curricular approaches to learning.

 Bring the curriculum to life in the beautiful and ancient woodlands at Path Hill, with our team of experienced outdoor educators, archaeologists and Forest School leaders.

 We will also provide you with a range of resources to continue your learning back in the classroom.

Stone Age

(Year 3 History Curriculum. Also covers cross curricular subjects such as science, art and design, and geography).

 Join us on a journey spanning 3 million years when you travel back to the Stone Age at Path Hill. Discover what life would have been like for our earliest ancestors as you explore the woodland and immerse yourself in the past. Learn to light a fire the prehistoric way, create a Mesolithic shelter, and explore rock art using natural pigments and tools. Get up close to real and replica Stone Age objects in our Neolithic inspired round house.

Anglo Saxons/Vikings

(Year 5 Invaders and Settlers History Curriculum. Also covers cross curricular subjects such as art, geography, food technology, arts and crafts, and science).

 Find yourselves transported back to the Middle Ages when you choose either an Anglo Saxon or Viking day at Path Hill. Walk in the footsteps of our ancestors as you travel through the woodland via the old holloways and drover’s roads to reach the farmstead. Meet the sheep and lambs, tend to the land, and learn to spin wool as you discover what life would have been like for a child during Anglo Saxon or Viking times.

Back in our woodland village setting, you’ll help to grind grain with authentic quern stones and churn butter, cook bread on the fire, learn to write your name with runes and play traditional games. End with a story-telling saga, gathered by the fireside.

Eco Days

(Suitable for all ages. Covers subjects such as geography, PSHE, citizenship, science, maths, and more).

 At Path Hill, one of our core values is to share our passion when it comes to sustainability and caring for the environment.

On an Eco Day, school groups can get involved in a variety of activities including pond dipping, nature ID, gardening, learning about renewal energy, and exploring the woods to discover the wide variety of flora and fauna found in a native woodland habitat.