Voluntary & Community

Every year at Path Hill we run various enrichment days and residential camps for organisations that support young people such as:
  • Young Carers groups,
  • Bereavement and Hospice charities,
  • NHS family support days - in response to the wonderful work of nurses and ancillary staff diring the Covid pandemic 
Young Carers
Young people who support a family member can experience anxiety, stress and a sense of isolation as a result of their caring roles. Our residential camps help to alleviate this by providing a few days respite, a chance to be carefree, to have fun and socialise with their peers. These camps are carefully planned to hold the young people that attend in a safe space in order to support them emotionally and just as importantly they are given the opportunity to have some down time.
The children go home with their batteries re charged,  having made some new friends. Many also leave with a newfound confidence from having challenged themselves during their stay.
Bereavement and Hospice days and camps
We also work alongside charities that provide essential support to children going through bereavement or living with family members that are very ill. The days and camps that we run always start with a conversation with you about what you want to achieve. We can:
  • Plan, facilitate and oversee the whole camp
  • Support you while you run your own day or camp
  • Provide stand alone sessions that run along side your own activities
  • Provide you with a beautiful woodland space in which you can deliver your own day
NHS family days 
With funding from the Teengage Wilderness Trust, we hosted 40 families over two weeks in the summer of 2020. Each family had someone from their household who had been on the frontline of saving lives during the first Covid-19 outbreak in Spring 2020. These days provided much needed respite and a chance of being with loved ones after such an intense five months. Click here to see the BBC video about these days. 
Funding and donations
We are fortunate to have some funding donated to us from the Teenage Wilderness Trust for some of these camps. We would love to be able to run more and to offer subsidy to as many groups as we can.
If you would like to help support these camps to enable more children to have chance for support and respite, please contact us.